Life and Death Matters

Are you going to make it home today?
Will you be here tomorrow?
If you don’t know the answer then you need this book.
If you do not make it home do those closest to you know your wishes?
This simple planner will guide your loved ones through a tough and difficult time.
It will guide them to information that is rarely, if ever discussed.
It will give them the answers they need.
This is for you and those loved ones left behind.

This subject is so taboo and nobody likes to discuss it and face reality.
But the reality is – it happens to us all!
My Dad was taken so suddenly and I would give anything just to hear his voice,
hold his hand, and see his face again.
I thought Pa & I had another 10 or 20 years to discuss such life-changing moments as these.
I urge you and your families to face it before it becomes a reality.
If I can do one thing to make it easier for someone else and to honour Pa’s memory: this is it.