Family 1 B&WLife and Death Matters is honestly not about me, it’s for you and your loved ones and in memory of my Dad. We are from a small town in NSW named Uralla, a small New England country town possessing very strong community values, which has certainly been confirmed for me since the loss of my Dad. It is so refreshing to feel part of the New England’s wonderful community spirit. My Dad (Pa) owned a local business in Uralla and was extremely well known around the area. His open gate policy meant that if anyone needed anything, from a part for a motor, an engineering suggestion or creation, a load of sand or gravel, a road built or graded or just a chat, they knew where to go. Pa was the type of person that when someone needed something, it was done promptly and correctly.

I was told recently that there are two types of people. Those who look back on life and say “what happened?” and those who make things happen. Pa was one who made things happen, he passed these values onto me.

My Dad’s love and support, work ethic, strength of character and generous community spirit is largely responsible for who I am today. My background is in Interior Design, kitchen design, customer service and marketing. I moved from the New England Area to work in Brisbane city some twenty years ago but still relate and hold fast to my roots and country values and realize the love and support for me and my family that is always ‘back home’ and never changes. My new found direction as an author is something I had never considered or thought possible. I have renewed excitement for my future as a new path is unfolding in front of me.

No doubt, this new direction for me has come about due to the recent experience of the sudden, unexpected passing of my Dad and the chain of events and the decisions that had to be made immediately and since that unfortunate day. I realise so many have, and will experience the same heartbreaking scenario as my family regarding the passing of loved ones who have not spoken of or recorded their specific wishes.

I am comforted by the fact that I can make a difference for others; to make their experience a little easier during such a devastatingly difficult time by just simply filling in the blank pages and making my book their own.

Pa Ally & Nan B&WThe motivation and hours of planning and research for Life and Death Matters was made possible because of the love, support and consideration from my wonderful partner and two beautiful children, my extended family and valued friends. My intention is to save my family and others from any additional worry and heartache when faced with the death of a loved one. I miss Pa every day; I know he will be a part of me always.